Germany – A Perfect Fairytale Setting

Have you every wondered if those “far, far away” lands described in fairytales exist? Well, in our opinion those places exist in the country of Germany.
For seven days, my colleagues and I traveled the fairytales route of Germany. During our tour, we learned about the history of the Brothers Grimm and explored some of the cities and castles that inspired their work. But, one surprising takeaway from this experience was how similar Germany’s landscape is to the settings described in fairytales.

Like many fairytales, the towns were decorated with cottages and cobblestone roads. Additionally, the countryside had an abundance of castles and thick forests. The only components missing were the magical characters, and we are sure they lived somewhere in the deep forrest out of our sight. 

Seeing that Germany offered such an authentic representation of fairytale settings, we plan to use our video recordings and photos to enhance our teachings of settings. Our hope is that the lessons will help our students better visualize fairytale settings and ignite their imagination as they begin to write their own fairytales.

Please stay tuned. A more in-depth post of the Brothers Grimm is coming shortly. They are intriguing!









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