La Belle au bois dormant

“Imagination will carry us to worlds that never were.  But without it we go nowhere.”                – Carl Sagan 

Charles Perrault is the father of modern-day fairy tales.  His tales are based on French popular tradition and were very popular in sophisticated court circles. Perrault used images from around him, like Chateau D’ Usse, to inspire his works.  Yesterday we took a train to the Loire Valley to explore Chateau D’ Usse.

Within the walls of the castle, scenes from Sleeping Beauty brought the fairy tale to life.  Significant scenes such as the old woman spinning the spindle that ultimately causes the princess to be put to sleep, and the princess lying dormant in the finest room in the palace where she was ordered by the King to be placed upon a bed of gold and silver-embroidered fabric, and the prince who finds the castle and kisses the princess to awake her.  Each scene sparked our imagination to retell the story in a more meaningful way.  There was something special about being in Sleeping Beauty’s tower and analyzing the Renaissance structure of the palace. Both of which ignited our own curiosity.


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