Grandiose Style

Prior to visiting Paris, we admired the French for their fashion, food, and architectural designs. Our attraction to their culture was solely based on secondary sources such as books, documentaries, and lessons taught in our European studies classes in high school and/or college. However, those experiences could not have prepared us for our personal immersion into the French culture.

For two days now, my colleague and I have traveled the city of Paris and surveyed the French lifestyle. We have eaten authentic cuisine and attempted to use the language, although to our surprise, most people here speak English. We are living in a “flat,” also known as an apartment amongst the Parisians. We have visited historical landmarks and are impressed! Not only did the French contribute to the world’s history, but they did so in grandiose manner.

Here, the bread and cheese are like nothing we have tasted before. Their language has a distinct and sharp sound as it echoes throughout the city. The architecture of the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the exquisite decor in the Palace of Versailles is what tips the scale. The architects did not forget a single detail.

Our personal experiences with the French has enhanced our respect for their culture. Now we are inspired to replicate these experiences for our students in grandiose style. Wish us luck!






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